Hi I’m Hampton. I’m the greatest comedian in your immediate area.


For real, thanks for giving a shit about anything I do. 


I started comedy in DC. It’s a great town.


I moved the LA. It’s a great town.


I like great towns.


Ridiculousness (MTV) would be the first real writing job I had. It was an amazing time and I learned a lot about how tv is made. That show will have 20 seasons and I feel sort of proud helping develop their format. Through that I met Jeff Tremaine and got to work on Loiter Squad on Adult Swim. Which honestly sucked but I respected the Odd Future guys as funnier than their own show and bigger and better than that stuff. I felt like we were wasting their time. Earl Sweatshirt is a certified genius.


I left to focus on comedy. I did Conan and road dates and Comedy Central. But I think I felt unsatisfied. I’d show up to shows and it’s not like the crowd knew me or anything.


I got to write for Eric Andre Show and spinoff projects. The most fun in a room I’ve had working in an office is with those holy fools. 


I made a pilot for Syfy (didn’t get picked up) and am now on Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix. The second season is one of the funniest things I’ve ever been a part of. Go watch it. Have you heard of Netflix? Seems like it could be a huge deal.

Now I live in Burbank with my girlfriend and I do a podcast called Suicide Buddies with Dave Ross. And I’m honestly so fucking happy. Hire me? I'm very nice in a writer's room and like to perform.